Pat Cody

Computer Science student at GWU

Student - Programmer - Sysadmin

Hi, I'm Pat Cody! I'm from a small town in Connecticut, now living as a college student in Washington DC. I'm currently pursuing a B.S. in computer science at GW, graduating in 2020. I am involved with systems research in the GW Cloudlab, I manage a linux cluster for my research group, and I do some freelance web development. In my spare time, I enjoy running and photography.

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Work Experience

Software Engineering Intern- Amazon, May 2019 - August 2019

  • Worked on the Kindle Rendering team using C++ and Objective C to build a new feature for Kindle
  • Worked within several large codebases to complete and test this feature
  • Complied with rigorous testing standards and best practices to implement my design

Software Engineering Intern- Mission Data, May 2018 - August 2018

  • Created software demos for R&D projects with experimental hardware, including the Amazon Deeplens and Microsoft Hololens, and documented the process on their blog
  • Extended back-end Java Spring server to backup incoming JSON files
  • Created React web app to utilize the WMATA web API and display incoming train times

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant- GW SEAS, August 2018 - Present

  • Run a lab section for the Intro to Programming in Java class, and teach review material from lecture and answer questions about in-class lab exercises
  • Host office hours 4-6 hours a week to answer questions students have outside of lab and lecture

Research Assistant- GW Cloudlab, February 2017 - Present

  • Conduct research under Dr. Timothy Wood on network function virtualization using the Linux Foundation's Dataplane Development Kit
  • For summer 2017, selected to be a fellow for the SEAS Summer Undergraduate Program in Engineering Research, in addition to being a partial recipient of an NSF grant
  • Presented the project at the 2018 SEAS R&D Showcase

System Administrator- GW Cloudlab, April 2017 - Present

  • Sysadmin for a 50-machine Linux server cluster used by GW Cloudlab
  • Manage services like Cobbler, Puppet, and LDAP for simplified control over nodes
  • Utilize VMWare's ESXI software for creation of virtual machines

Software Developer for Cybersecurity Camp- Washington, DC, May 2017 - July 2017

  • Using the Modern Honey Network, deployed 10 honeypots to Amazon AWS EC2 instances
  • Using the Python framework Django, wrote a custom user interface to access the data generated by the honeypots

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