Pat Cody

Computer Science student at GWU

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Student - Programmer - Photographer

Hi, I'm Pat Cody! I'm from a small town in Connecticut, now living as a college student in Washington DC. I'm currently pursuing a degree in computer science at GW. For some of my projects, check my github! A link is available down below. On the side, I also enjoy photography, and have a link down below to my Flickr gallery below.

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Technical Skills:

  • Languages: Java, Python, C++, R, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Frameworks: Django, LibGDX
  • Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Mac OS
  • Software: Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, After Effects, Premiere, Illustrator, WordPress

Previous Work Experience:

  • Town of Glastonbury, Glastonbury, CT Lifeguard, June 2016-August 2016
    • Protected the safety of the patrons at a local pond by vigilant scanning and upholding of pond rules
    • Interacted with patrons when not in the chair by assisting them when in the guard office, and charging for admission at front gate

Technical Projects

  • Hackathon Web Project, October 2016
    • Attended Hackital DC, a local hackathon with a team from GW
    • I helped lead our team of 6 to create a python web application
    • Learned how to combine a series of different web APIs into one cohesive product
  • Google Drive - Wordpress Integration, October 2016-November 2016
    • Designed a Python application to create compatibility between WordPress and Google Drive
    • Created a front-end GUI, and used two different code libraries for the backend to connect to Google Drive and WordPress

Activities/Leadership Positions:

GW Tech Collective
  • Was recently elected to be a board member, meaning I will help plan events and meetings, as well as ensuring the general upkeep of the organization
  • The organization serves to bring together the GW SEAS community through hosting weekly meetings to discuss member projects and tech news, and monthly workshops on engineering skills not taught in the classroom
GW ACM Freshman Rep
  • Serve as the liaison between the GW ACM and the GW E-Council, the organization responsible for all engineering organizations at GW
  • Also maintain the ACM website, using HTML and CSS skills. Link: ACM Site
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